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Opening hours

Monday – Friday 09:30 – 18:00

Step by step

Phase 1 – Introductory information
Make an appointment for a meeting and visit our designer – prepare a floor plan with all the necessary dimensions and a list of what your kitchen should definitely contain. When you visit for the first time, you need to define maximum of your requirements for this space, taking into consideration function, aesthetics and your budget. Although there will be extensive discussions about your kitchen furnishings and surface treatment, there is no need to make any specific decisions at this point.

Phase 2 – Presenting designs
At your next visit to the showroom, our designer will present you a design suitable for your kitchen together with the drawings and a price estimate. The quoted price remains valid for 14 days. The detailed explanation and discussion of the kitchen layout will give you a clear idea along with our recommendations and the reasoning behind them.
We hope that by the end of the meeting you will have enough information to decide whether to continue to the next phase. At this moment, if you wish to continue with the release of the drawings, changing of designs or arranging a visit to your kitchen, we will charge you an initial design fee as a small financial commitment. The design fee will be added to the total cost of the project when you decide to place the order, but it is not refundable if you opt not to go further.

Phase 3 – Improving the design
Once you pay the design fee, we will work with you to improve the design. At this stage, we will discuss in detail surface treatments and the best way to furnish your kitchen. During this time, we will ask you to let us enter your home to make detailed measurements. In the meantime, the designer will prepare for you the entire delivery plan of your kitchen unit,, appliances and installation of your kitchen. When the design is completed, we will issue a fixed-price sales contract. The price includes the cost of furniture, appliances, work desks, transport, delivery, setup and installation.

Phase 4 – Issuing contracts
If you wish to confirm your order, you will need to sign the sales contract and specify a deposit. Final detailed service drawings will then be completed and issued to all contractors. All kitchen parts are available from our suppliers on order. All bulthaup orders are delivered to our warehouse about 14 weeks after completing the order, although some seasonal variations may occur.

Our goal is to check all parts we receive for your project before bringing them to your home, guaranteeing that everything is available for us to come to your home on a specific day and start installing it. Our designer coordinates progress the entire time.
Actual installation in your home will likely take up to ten days, depending on the size of the project. Our team will visit as often as needed while your kitchen is being installed to stay in close contact with our fitters and your suppliers, in order to answer any questions you might have.
After the installation has been completed to your satisfaction, our designer will visit you to assist and advise you in maximizing the use of your new kitchen.

Phase 5 – Contractual terms and conditions
If you order a kitchen, you will be asked to sign a sales contract and pay a deposit, usually 70% of the total value of the project. The balance will be due 10 workdays prior to delivery and installation. If you would like to know the full terms and conditions, you can view them below.