bulthaup bratislava
Zuckermandel, blok A
Dvorákovo nábrežie
811 02 Bratislava

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 09:30 – 18:00

B-day pary for Gordana

In March 2019, in our showroom bulthaup, we celebrated the birthday of the renowned artist and artist Gordana, whom we organized a pleasant evening with friends. During the event Gordana did not hesitate to put on her apron and presented herself with her Croatian temperament culinary art.
This time we did not organize a traditional dinner, but we bet on a concept associated with a celebration where we had live cooking with excellent catering and a celebrity that has a name known not only in Europe but also in the world and whose works are part of our showroom. Gordana has also prepared a sweet surprise for us in the form of desserts that ease the eye and no less taste.

Days of Architecture and Design in Bratislava

bulthaup Bratislava was a proud partner of the jubilee 10th annual Days of Architecture and Design, held under the auspices of the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic Ľubica Laššáková, the Mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo, and the Mayor of the Old Town Bratislava Zuzana Aufrichtová.
It is a unique architecture event that shares and represents the best pieces that have appeared in the area, whether on the domestic or foreign scene. Our showroom is also part of the architecture, and as partners we like to support and attend similar events.
With this event, DAAD represents top designers of architecture and design through workshops, lectures, discussions and exhibitions. They can present their works to the general public, whether professionals in the field or students who are beginning to orient themselves in this field. Presentation of our showroom and introduction of our partnership took place during Thursday evening at Clubovka.
This year, too, was held in a very pleasant, friendly atmosphere, where people from different sectors met for one common interest.

Dinner in bulthaup bratislava

Every month we organize a dinner at our showroom, where we meet with business partners to have a good meal. During the dinner, architects, developers and design enthusiasts, whom we value and are glad to be able to get together and spend a pleasant time, attend. It is very important for us to build good relationships with our networking partners when we meet at the showroom and spend time together at a table with a glass of wine. A nice and relaxing atmosphere with interesting and inspiring people is underlined by a beautiful view of the Danube, and delicious food.
As part of our showroom in Bratislava, we have kitchens that are also functional, we combine pleasant with useful, and there is live cooking, where clever chefs in the bulthaup kitchen prepare a delicious dinner. With Gaggenau appliances, we are confident that this is not just the big name of a big brand, but cooking is really comfortable and convenient, and it produces great results when preparing food.

Best Interior Retail in Europe

International Property Awards are awards presented by leading residential and commercial real estate experts from around the world. They represent the highest level of companies operating in all real estate sectors.
International Property Awards is a world-renowned brand of excellence. Participants are judged by a highly experienced team of experts who evaluate the full range of interior criteria. Our showroom bulthaup bratislava was also part of the appraisal, and we are very excited to receive the award for Best Interior Retail Europe. We received the award during the gala evening held in London.
We are proud that together we were able to build such an exceptional and qualitatively refined project in a small country like Slovakia.

Grand Opening

After a year of intensive preparations, on the 18th October 2018 we opened the first bulthaup monobrand showroom in Slovakia – bulthaup Bratislava. On 250 m2, we have prepared a full-featured tasting of everything bulthaup offers - the exposition we have prepared for you are is reflection of inspiration and the latest trends in modern and comfortable living. Let yourself be inspired to bring the charm of our displays to your individual home.